A Break-Up With an Aquarius: How Things Might Go

Posted: January 14, 2021 4:34 pm

A break-up is a part of life that most of us would rather avoid. Sometimes, however, a break-up is a necessary step towards a new path in life. And as you might already realize, breaking up with an Aquarius can be something of a tricky proposition.

Understanding the Aquarius
To begin with, Aquariuses have extremely complex personalities. They are by turns funny, talented, ambitious, and charming. They’re also a bit mischievous and can be a bit of a handful. And by the way: Aquariuses can be very emotional! Famous Aquariuses include Harry Styles, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Timberlake. Are you beginning to notice a pattern?

At base, an Aquarius is essentially a bit of a dork and a bit of a stud all rolled into one package. If you’re charmed by a nerdy and over-the-top sense of humor, it’s easy to fall for an Aquarius. That personality type certainly isn’t for everyone; in truth, excessively serious people will probably find Aquariuses to be a bit of a nuisance.

What Works (And What Doesn’t)
But the things that make courtship with an Aquarius great can also make a sustained relationship difficult. The lack of seriousness that Aquariuses demonstrate isn’t so charming when you have to solve big problems together. And dealing with an overly emotional person when a situation demands clear-sightedness can feel overwhelming. In relationship terms, you might feel like the big responsibilities in life are all left to you.

As you might expect from this personality type, in other words, a break-up can feel a bit overly dramatic. An Aquarius might reveal many sides to their personality while the break-up is ongoing: They might act indifferently to what is going on; they might plead their case in the most emotional of terms; they might express a deep sense of frustration.

Where Your Feelings Fit Into the Equation
To wit, a break-up with an Aquarius will probably on some level feel overwhelming and even frustrating. To a certain extent, that is by design: To a large degree, an Aquarius’s world revolves around their emotional state.

And while you might feel dragged into focusing on what they are feeling in the moment, it’s also important to consider how you’re managing to get through all of this yourself.

Aquariuses tend to thrive on attention: That can be great in the courtship phase of a relationship. But this need for attention can seriously distract you from your own needs. They may not intend to do it; however, many Aquariuses will make everything about them and about their wants and desires.

Standing Your Ground
Be sure not to fall into that trap at this time. There is no need for blaming the other person; for an Aquarius, seeking attention can be a natural response to their emotional state. In their minds, the situation is about them because it feels like it’s about them. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, that might be part of the reason that the relationship didn’t work out in the first place.

Above all else, you’ll need to set firm boundaries during a break-up with an Aquarius. And that won’t necessarily be easy. But this is your time to heal and rebuild. In emotional terms, jumping into the water to constantly save a drowning person can rob us of our own happiness. Don’t let that happen here.

How “I Feel” Statement Can Help
Of course, it’s easy to talk about setting boundaries. But doing so is another kettle of fish. If you’ve struggled with setting boundaries in the past, try practicing “I feel” statements while talking with the Aquarius in your life.

“I feel” statements tend to depressurize emotional arguments because they simply state facts about how we are feeling. These statements frame problems in terms that do not accuse the other person of acting in bad faith. Indeed, “I feel” statements are designed to give the other person the benefit of the doubt; correctly expressed, they should give the other person enough space to respond to our interpretation of events.

For example, you might say something similar to the following statement: “When it seems like I don’t have space in a conversation to express my own viewpoints, I feel overwhelmed. Do you think we could take turns speaking from here on out?”

Notice how an “I feel” statement provides a solution to a problem. A person stating the above sentiment is saying that they do not feel as though they are able to express themselves. They kindly ask the other person to take turns in a conversation so that everyone is heard. That’s a solution that everyone can get behind!

Getting Our Points Across
At the end of the day, breaking up with someone is never an easy part of life. But Aquariuses can really ramp up the stress inherent to a break-up to the maximum. This is where the emotional volubility of this zodiac sign can be tricky.

That said, now is the time to set firm boundaries and to express how you feel. Going forward, you’ll need a good store of emotional strength and resiliency. You can’t have that if you’re caving into the other person’s drama.

To close, let’s consider a horoscope for the week:

Aries: As you consider your career trajectory, think of what you want to do with your life. Place the expectations of others at the wayside for now.

Taurus: It is said that opportunity only knocks once. For you, opportunity will knock several times. But you must be aware of yourself and your surroundings to hear the sound of the knock.

Gemini: Keep an eye out for career opportunities. They will come in subtle forms and will be easy to miss.

Cancer: Considering who your genuine friends are will help to you grow as a person. Giving too much credit to false friends will hold you back.

Leo: Letting go of old grievances will lighten your burden and make your journey through life easier. Forgive others for your own sake.

Virgo: You will rise above personal conflict this week and be better for it. As the saying goes, steel must be heated to gain its strength.

Libra: Old anxieties will bother you. Exorcise these worries as though they were ghosts. Give yourself permission to let go of the past and let go of the old you.

Scorpio: Spend extra time looking for the good in life this week. Training yourself to separate the good from the bad will lead to successes in life that you didn’t anticipate. The good things that happen to you tend to come out of the blue; they’re things that you usually can’t anticipate or predict. Be patient and they will come to you; don’t worry if they haven’t arrived yet.

Sagittarius: Your dreams will provide you with insight into problems that you are having. Listen closely to what they have to say: They are wise counselors.

Capricorn: Try to find and connect with other people who have experienced difficulties in life. These are some of the most meaningful friendships that you will develop. People who have been spoiled by life rarely make good allies during tough times.

Aquarius: Success for you will come down to virtuous behavior and hard work. Don’t become distracted by workplace politics in the future. As you pursue a career path, maintain your dignity and integrity and good things will follow. The eagle succeeds by soaring above the troubles of the world. They do not grovel beneath them.

Pisces: Don’t let the envy of others leave you stranded and alone. Those who seek to gain from your losses don’t deserve your affection. If someone is angry with you every time you meet with success, they’ll only be happy when you fail.