Introduction to the World of Horoscope: The Various Signs and Dates

Posted: January 14, 2021 2:06 pm


Birthdates: (March 21 – April 19)
Element: Fire

The youngest of the zodiac signs, Aries is represented by the ram, and few could argue the similarities. Energetic and impatient, enthusiastic but hot tempered, fire-fueled Aries is driven in all things and, much like their youthful place in the zodiac, contain an almost childlike duplicity of extremes: cheer Aries on and they’ll root right back for you; cross them and consider your days numbered. Aries simply doesn’t do things in halves–they’re either all in or all out. This can make them the best of friends and equally formidable enemies.


Birthdates:(April 20 – May 20)
Element: Earth

The self-possessed bull seldom caves to outside input–in fact, “stubborn” is the word most often associated with Taurus. Ruled by nurturing Venus and firmly rooted in the earth element, Taureans are all about tending to the hearth & home, and aren’t shy about their creature comforts. Good food, good wine, and even nicer accoutrements are all Taurus’s unabashed weakness, and they’re only too happy to share the wealth with those they adore. Just be careful about taking advantage of the warm-hearted but practical bull: once you’ve lost a Taurus’s trust it’s unlikely you’ll earn it back.


Birthdates:(May 21 – June 20)
Element: Air

The celestial twins simply don’t tire when it comes to inexhaustible Gemini, and this social butterfly is never happier than when flitting from perch to perch and person to person. The less charitable might call Gemini flighty or inconsistent; some may even call them downright impossible to depend on. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. For all their bright chatter and warp-speed intelligence, Gemini will never take their loved ones for granted; they are usually the first to show up during a crisis, no questions asked. While it takes some effort to keep this easily bored air sign engaged, Gemini’s unwavering loyalty is well worth the return.


Birthdates:(June 21 – July 22)
Element: Water

Shy and secretive, the moon-ruled crab seeks solace in their personal surroundings. Like their companion water signs, Cancer is prone to hyper-sensitivity and moodiness due to the intensity of their emotions and intuitive gifts. While Scorpio seeks solace in sex and Pisces in creativity, Cancer prefers to look no farther than their own home for comfort. Often wonderful cooks and equally faultless housekeepers, Cancers are highly selective about who they welcome into their respective shells. Earning–and maintaining–the trust of the crab isn’t easy, and prospective friends and partners should take care not to breach Cancer’s carefully drawn personal boundaries.


Birthdates:(July 23 – August 22)
Element: Fire

The mighty lion exemplifies many of the qualities we look for in leaders: strong and decisive, regal and well-spoken, with an unyielding sense of honor. While some accuse Leo of being arrogant and insensitive–traits that can certainly pop up amongst the lions of the zodiac–you won’t find a fiercer, more protective partner, friend, or boss. Leo simply doesn’t tolerate weakness or deception in others, and prefers directness any day over mind games. While the lion can be quick to roar in anger, they’re also the first to jump in and defend those on the receiving end of abuse. In short, the lion’s fire may be intimidating at times but make no mistake, it’s there for you as well.


Birthdates:(August 23 – September 22)
Element: Earth

Sensible Virgo occasionally struggles to be seen and heard amongst the flashier zodiac signs, to the point where astrology itself can be a wince-inducing topic for the celestial virgin. Often overlooked or taken for granted, one would be wise not to underestimate Virgo: underneath their neat, seemingly plain facade lies a force of nature just waiting to surface. The difference between Virgo and other signs is that the former prefers to plot their “moves” with patience and diligence. It’s no rare thing for a Virgo to make an unexpected splash when–and where–you least expect it.


Birthdates:(September 23 – October 22)
Element: Air

Perhaps no other sign in the zodiac is better served by their symbol, in this case the scales: justice-driven Libra demands fairness in all matters of life, and it’s not unusual to find this sign amongst the law books as well as leading grassroots movements. Like all of the air signs, Libra leads from the head, rather than the heart, which can be a challenge for some. You’ll rarely see a Libra melting down in public or losing their composure, and when it comes to personal confrontations they make a sincere effort to understand the opposing side. While prone to aloofness and near-impossible personal standards (you can thank their ruling sign Venus for this), Librans are proof that truth and beauty aren’t always mutually exclusive.


Birthdates:(October 23 – November 21)
Element: Water

Intense and enigmatic, encountering a Scorpio is one experience you’ll likely never forget. The sexually charged scorpion dwells in places of death and ecstasy, with tendencies towards all manner of obsessions that can–and often do–work against their wellbeing. Confident and bold on the outside, Scorpio’s tragedy lies in their deep-seated fear of rejection, which can compel them to lash out, harbor suspicions, and otherwise engage in behavior ranging from toxic to downright dangerous. Don’t be deterred, however; of all the signs, Scorpio is the least likely to judge or shun, and is often the most sympathetic and reliable friend to turn to in times of need.


Birthdates:(November 22 – December 21)
Element: Fire

The thrill-seeking archer is hard to pin down, leading to an oft-undeserved reputation as a perpetual “bachelor” sign. While it’s true that Sagittarians loathe routine and are the least likely to be called homebodies, you won’t find a more inspiring, fun companion to trek into the unknown with. Sagittarius needs constant mental, emotional and, dare we say, physical stimulation, which can lead to a number of daredevil antics, especially in their youth. However, with time and the patience and support of their loved ones, Sagittarius often proves to be a worthy leader and rock-solid friend and partner, provided they can temper their insatiable need for adventure with more consideration for others.


Birthdates: (December 22 – January 19)
Element: Earth

Capricorn isn’t keen on taking any downtime, as joy and productivity go hand-in-hand for this hardworking sign. Capricorn is happiest when immersed in a passion project or job they truly care about, and nothing turns the celestial sea goat off faster than laziness and entitlement in another. Far from dull or sanctimonious, Capricorn is a bit of a dark horse in astrology, and you have to wonder if they don’t prefer it that way. While dedicated and composed, Capricorn carries an irresistible intensity and wicked wit that’s typically reserved for their nearest and dearest.


Birthdates:(January 20 – February 18)
Element: Air

The water bearer doesn’t always feel at home on this plane of existence, the proof of which lies in their typically unconventional approach to life. Think about the Aquarians you know: wouldn’t you say they’re all highly individualistic, almost eccentric? Aquarius simply doesn’t march to the beat of anyone’s drum but their own, and their dizzying intellect makes them a regrettable target for those who think they can pick on the astrological weirdo with impunity. While Aquarians may not always have their feet on the ground 24 hours, rest assured they’re keen observers and even more insatiable seekers of knowledge, which means they won’t suffer fools gladly.


Birthdates:(February 19 – March 20)
Element: Water

The oldest of the signs, Pisces could very well be called the mystic of the zodiac. There’s just no getting around the feeling that Pisces isn’t entirely of this realm, and their gentle dreaminess and charisma can draw both the devoted and predatory as a result. Extremely sensitive to cruelty and the harsh realities that accompany being human, Pisceans often turn to various addictions to cope. It’s a mistake to underestimate the seemingly soft fish, however: this peace-loving introvert can and will raise a hell of a tempest should you cross them or their loved ones the wrong way.