Standing in Your Light with the Full Moon in Leo

Posted: January 13, 2021 11:31 am

On January 28, 2021, the first full moon of the year is in the sign of Leo. Represented by the fierce lion, this full moon will have us focusing on our heart center. Do we live from the heart? If not, why? This full moon will make several interesting aspects that will influence how the Leo full moon culminations impact us. For a more personal understanding of how the Leo moon will impact you, look for the house where Leo rules in your natal chart.

Culminations with the Leo Full Moon
With the Full Moon in Leo, we are being asked to consider how we connect to our heart center as well as what gives us “shine.” Leo is known for being the leader of the pack seeking the leader position and/or being the king and queen on the throne. This is royal, special energy that aligns itself with what is most important to it. At times, it can seem as if Leo energy is “rising above” the peasants and places itself a notch above the rest. Well, technically, we all have a little something special about us that makes us shine. With the Leo full moon, we are called to consider who we are and what makes us feel special.

Since full moons represent the opposition between the and lunar energy, we can look at the Sun in Aquarius as a reference point for what the Leo moon is honoring for itself. Aquarius energy seeks to be the independent rebel that looks out for the common good of all. This Leo full moon energy is far more personal and considers what the individuals hold near and dear to themselves. For Leo, the focus is on what is most important for the self and the select few that are held in close proximity.

While this may seem selfish, which Leo is often accused of being, full moon energy represents a balance between the sun and the moon. The Leo full moon asks us to consider how we express our own light, how we engage in close personal, especially romantic relationships, and what feeds our heart space. If Aquarius is known for being cold and aloof, which at times it can be, Leo is embracing warmth and closeness. At this full moon, we may want to consider how we balance focusing on the self vs. focusing on others and how we engage in relationships with our “select few” vs. how we engage with the rest of humanity.

Also, with the Leo full moon, there is the desire to be at the center…like the sun is the center of the solar system. At this full moon, consider where you are the “center” in your life. Does this position give you the fullness that you desire or are you left feeling like you could be more? If you feel that you are not getting enough from others, it is important to consider how you can also fill up yourself. After all, Leo is a creative sign that is at its best when it is making use of its ability to bring something forth into this experience.

Ultimately, the Leo full moon invites us to live and love from the heart. Full moons provide a culmination or gathering together of energy that enables us to come to a conclusion. At this full moon in Leo, consider if you are living from the heart and what you need to do to be in alignment with your heart space.

Leo Full Moon Aspects
The following are the major aspects of the full moon in Leo occurring on January 28, 2021.

Leo Moon opposite Jupiter in Aquarius
The Leo full moon sits across from the expansive Jupiter in Aquarius energy. Whatever Jupiter touches it expands, so this can result in going a bit overboard. Given that this aspect is an opposition, we may feel this energy coming from others, or other people may experience it from us. Either way, let’s all do our best to temper any desire to go overboard due to the Jupiter influence.

Leo Moon square Mars in Taurus
Moon square Mars is tense energy where feelings and actions don’t get along at all. It is as if you feel one way, but there is always something or someone in the environment that makes it clear that the feelings are getting in the way of taking action. Due to the Mars influence-even in the sign of Taurus, there is a desire to get ahead. However, when circumstances don’t pan out, there is also the potential for grandiose emotional displays courtesy of the Leo moon. Moon square Mars can produce frustrations that seek to be resolved, and oftentimes this happens through emotional outbursts. Seek to channel these frustrations through some form of physical activity to release the stress associated with this energy.